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Building your first home

April 28, 2016Building your first home can be exciting but also a bit scary. After all, it’s a lot of money you are going to spend and you want to make sure you are going to get it right. Sam at Profile Homes has been helping new home buyers in Melbourne and Geelong build their first homes...
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The advantages of building townhouses

March 28, 2016The popularity of building townhouses continues to grow as land sizes in Melbourne and Geelong get smaller and more compact. Here at Profile Homes, we have designed and built many townhouse developments in Melbourne and Geelong and have significant experience as townhouse builders in Melbourne. While there are challenges to building townhouses and units in...
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Expert sloping block builders in Melbourne

June 15, 2015As Melbourne real estate prices continue to rise, difficult house sites previously not considered for homes are now becoming genuine options for housing. Sloping and difficult blocks are among those land parcels growing in popularity because of their relative affordability, and as specialist sloping block builders in Melbourne, Profile Homes is well placed to create dream...
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Choose the right Geelong home builders

May 10, 2015It must be hard for anybody planning to build a home in Geelong these days. Despite all the forecasts in the past of economic demise, Geelong has taken off and new housing suburbs have sprung up on former farmland and vacant blocks. Geelong home builders are in hot demand and at times it seems there...
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Helping hand for home builders in Melbourne & Geelong

February 24, 2015You’ve got the block of land in Melbourne or Geelong and now you’re ready to build your dream home. So what style do you choose? What floor plan and size?  Which  builder will you use? And what sort of permits or approval do you need from authorities before you start? Suddenly the dream home turns...
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