Helping hand for home builders in Melbourne & Geelong

February 24, 2015

You’ve got the block of land in Melbourne or Geelong and now you’re ready to build your dream home.

So what style do you choose? What floor plan and size?  Which  builder will you use? And what sort of permits or approval do you need from authorities before you start?

Suddenly the dream home turns into a nightmare of planning and pressure.

At Profile Homes, specialist boutique house builders for Melbourne and Geelong, we can take the stress out of the design, planning and building process for you. From concept to lock-up, our dedicated and experienced team can work with you and handle any challenges.

With a large range of house designs to our name – from single storey to double storey – the task of finding a residence that meets your needs is made easier. We can also modify our house designs to your liking, meaning clients can put their own stamp on their new homes. Alternatively, as custom-home builders, we can easily work from your individual plans.

And if choosing interior styles and colour palette isn’t your thing, then our interior specialist can advise and guide you through your selections.

The building process, and the myriad of decisions that accompany it, are made easier when you have an experienced team of home builders beside you. A team like Profile Homes.

So if you are wanting to build without the stress, please contact us and let’s get the conversation started.