Eco-friendly homes Melbourne and Geelong

The market for sustainable homes and eco-friendly homes is growing as people strive to reduce their impact on the environment and lower their home’s running costs.

As an accredited GreenSmart practitioner, Profile Homes takes a sustainable approach from design through to construction’s end to create beautiful homes that deliver on style, quality and energy efficiency.

It’s much easier to design a sustainable house from the beginning, rather than retrofit an existing one. The Profile Homes team has wide experience in incorporating environmental solutions at the planning stage and then seamlessly building them into a new custom-built residence in Geelong and Melbourne. We can work with your ideas, offer suggestions and guide the build to a sustainable future for the client, their family and the environment.

Any home today has to comply with minimum energy standards. Our team, which  believes in sustainable house design, can help clients surpass those minimum requirements and reap the rewards of lower utility bills and reduced energy use in their comfortable home.

We know how important it is to stay on top of the latest information in areas including thermal performance, natural ventilation and passive solar technology. And we continually build our knowledge base so we can offer our clients the best options when it comes to sustainable and eco-friendly living. It’s important – from the design, the materials and the construction process right through to the fit-out – and we’ll work with you to get it right in your new home.

Our sustainable building service carefully considers factors including building orientation, double glazing, use of verandahs and eaves, insulation, rainwater tanks, appliances with a high-star rating, use of energy-efficient heating and cooling.

Building a sustainable house doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, eco homes can be extremely cost effective to build and run.

If you want more information on building a sustainable house, please contact us. We’ve a wealth of experience in the building industry, with quality examples of our work in a swag of Melbourne locations including Ashburton, Airport West, Epping, Box Hill, Greenvale, Balwyn, Werribee, Glenroy, Wallan, Surrey Hills, Kilmore and Laverton.