The advantages of building townhouses

March 28, 2016

The popularity of building townhouses continues to grow as land sizes in Melbourne and Geelong get smaller and more compact.

Here at Profile Homes, we have designed and built many townhouse developments in Melbourne and Geelong and have significant experience as townhouse builders in Melbourne.

While there are challenges to building townhouses and units in both small and large developments, there are also benefits, and these include, maximising the usage of the land area you have, saving on the overall building costs by ordering materials in larger quantities and the potential for bigger return on your investment by being able to apportion the cost of the land across multiple dwelling sites.

From Ashburton to Apollo Bay, Profile Homes has experience in designing and building townhouses and can help you with the design and development of your land.

If you have a land site that you are considering building townhouses and units, then contact Profile Homes, for expert advice, realistic prices and unsurpassed quality.