Expert sloping block builders in Melbourne

June 15, 2015

As Melbourne real estate prices continue to rise, difficult house sites previously not considered for homes are now becoming genuine options for housing. Sloping and difficult blocks are among those land parcels growing in popularity because of their relative affordability, and as specialist sloping block builders in Melbourne, Profile Homes is well placed to create dream homes on sloping land.

At Profile Homes, we believe sloping blocks have suffered an undeserved reputation as difficult building sites. Yes, without doubt sloping blocks require a little more thought and planning than regular level housing blocks, but we consider the benefits outweigh the pitfalls. Sloping blocks generally have a height element which builders can use to their advantage, building houses higher up the slope to capitalise on views. Also, elevated houses and split-level homes are an ideal fit for sloping blocks and homes can take advantage of airflow beneath the floor space to regulate temperatures. Houses on sloping blocks also tend to escape the drainage problems that can accompany level blocks because water constantly runs away down the slope.

Some builders work against the slope of the house block, bringing in excavators to level the site and installing retaining walls, which might not be necessary with a little foresight and planning. Profile Homes prefers to take an approach which embraces the slope. We’re the sloping block builders Melbourne homeowners use when they want their new home to work with the site, not against it. Our builders know that working the site too aggressively actually does more harm than good and can lead to problems down the track, including soil erosion and site instability.

Profile Homes’ builders won’t claim for a moment that building houses on sloping land is easy and doesn’t require close planning and preparation. But with experience comes wisdom and Profile Homes’ sloping block builders have acquired years of knowledge which helps them identify and eliminate problems before they arise.

If you have a sloping or tricky block on which you’d like to build a split-level home or similar, then contact Profile Homes, for expert advice, realistic prices and unsurpassed quality.