Single-storey homes, The In Vogue 2006

Everything is appealing about The In Vogue 2006.

It’s contemporary, it’s clean and modern and it doesn’t carry a huge price tag.

And that makes it a much-inspected choice among clients who come to us at Profile Homes for solutions to their Melbourne and Geelong building and house design needs.

The single-storey house designs, which flow from the original In Vogue plans, includes in the cost valuable features such as another bedroom and a theatre room.

If you are searching for value for money with a modern touch in the single-storey homes market, then The In Vogue 2006 has your name written all over it.

At a glance:

The 300.9m2 residence, which includes alfresco, porch and garage, is about 15.2m wide and about 26m long.